We’re a branded film production agency. We specialise in creating contagious ideas.

France 2 TV
Adriana Karembeu

Adrenalin hunters
On the Wire

Bird Woman

France 2 TV   Michel Cymes

France 2 TV
Michel Cymes

Savoie Mont-Blanc
Make a wish

Universal Music
André Manoukian

Savoie Mont-Blanc
Still believing?

Go & play outside!

Michel Serres   Social contract

Michel Serres
Social contract

Ashley   Tough road

Tough road

Break the ice

Savoie Mont-Blanc
Dream on


If you’re here, you obviously have an idea at the back of your mind…
So do we.

If you’re up to it, why not put our heads together ?
First, let’s gather round the table to define your goals ?
Then, find out what makes your customers click and sign on the dotted line.
And finally, come up with a recipe to make your brand indispensable to our lives.

…still here ?

Well, let’s get started then !

A potted history

“I spent my childhood dreaming of adventures, finding inspiration in the dusty books up in my grandmother’s attic. Those moments sparked a passion that I strive to keep alight.
As an adult, I explored Tibet as a photographer but also climbed Mount Everest and some of the highest peaks in the world as a mountain guide. I had hoped but now have proof that when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.
So, yesterday, I decided to immerse myself in the creative world, a journey I set off on with some exceptionally talented companions. And with them, I still live a life of adventure.

Guillaume Lucazeau


Why K ?

We’re flexible, approachable, daring.
We work to shake off the corporate camouflage.
We play a lot of roles and we like it that way.
We design, plan, shoot and edit under the same roof.
We are entrepreneurs too: we know that each euro invested needs to leverage more business.
We won’t sugarcoat things though: you’ll be treated just like any other member of the team.